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Since 2012 Administrative Design has been providing clients with easy to understand and affordable web, marketing and support solutions that are tailored made to suit their project needs.

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Bobbi Woody

Owner | Project Manager/Web Developer

Bobbi is the owner of Administrative Design and an avid book reader. She prides herself on providing clients with exceptional web, marketing and support services.

Esther Woody

Co-Owner | Administrative Coordinator

Esther is Bobbi’s mom and the one that keeps everything on track at Administrative Design. She helps both clients and staff get the things they need to be successful.

Elsie Stiger

Web and Graphic Designer

Elsie is a talented web and graphic designer at Administrative Design. She has taught web design at Devry University and created marketing materials for the City of Columbus.

Tre Westbrook

Web Designer

Tre is a talented web designer and web developer in training at Administrative Design. Creative and quick he designs good looking professional websites with impressively quick turnaround times.

Laurel Roma

Web Designer

Laurel is the Owner of Safety Orange Websites. She works with Administrative Design to create beautiful and easy to update websites.

Allie Moreno

Content Writer

Allie Moreno is the founder & CEO of A Writing Box. She works works with Administrative Design to create story-driven marketing communications and content creation for our websites.

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We are always looking for partners and vendors to help make our client’s projects awesome. Team Members. Join the Administrative Design Team today!

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We have extensive experience with troubleshooting, repairing and if needed redesigning websites on multiple platforms.